Colour Analysis

Colour is probably more important than any other factor in dressing for success. It can completely change the appearance, the way we feel and the way we are perceived by others. Colour attracts the eye more quickly than any style or silhouette.

Each person has a unique combination of skin, hair and eye colours that make up their their personal colour palette. Once you find your true colours and your authentic style, you will feel more energized, confident and clear, you will look younger, healthier and more vibrant, you will show your true self to the world. Colour communicates messages which gives you the added advantage of dressing strategically, depending on the situation and the occasion. And just as important, you will save time and money knowing what to shop for in terms of colour and style. Dressing and coordinating clothes becomes much easier.

  • Because it is best done in natural lighting, I recommend it takes place in my studio, but it can be done in the comfort of your home or office