How I became an image consultant ~ 1 min read

I’ve always been fond of fashion. I remember as a little girl that I would draw all day… silhouettes, clothes, shoes… By the 8th grade, the walls of my room were covered with my drawings. I wanted to go to Art School, but my parents wanted something different for me, so I ended up in Economics University. I started my first job at one of the top banks in the country. During my time there, I started noticing how some colleagues were getting promotions and some not (even though some were smarter/more prepared for the job). Then one day, I noticed that even though I was feeling sick, I received many compliments that I looked great. Now I know why, I was wearing two of my colours that day! I also noticed that clients would react different to me if I wore a black, bright red or a more approachable outfit. It’s just that back then I didn’t understand why.

As time passed and I was promoted, I received some training regarding business etiquette. I was blown away by how logical all this information was and how simple yet so important.

But it wasn’t until I had my son that I felt like I needed a change professionally. I invested in Europe’s Top Image Consulting training so now I can help others learn and apply these same skills and change their lives.

“Create the life that you want to live” is now written on a board in my hallway as a reminder everyday for me and my family.

Hope you are doing what you love. It’s never too late.

Warm regards,

Oana Fodor – Proud and happy Image Consultant